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    1. Why Stories Matter

    2. Question: How important is a story's structure?

    3. The Role of Structure in Storytelling

    4. Three Story Structures

    5. The Argument Against Structure

    1. The Story Spine Defined

    2. Video: Kenn Adams on the Story Spine

    3. Story Spine Walkthrough

    4. Story Spine Order

    5. Story Spine Example: The Wizard of Oz

    1. Introduction

    2. Practice: Stories of Transformation

    3. Practice: What information goes into each story stage?

    4. Video: Story Spine Example and Walkthrough - Personal Storytelling (30 min)

    5. Practice: Story Spine Generator

    6. Practice: Identifying the Story Spine

    7. Practice: Use the story spine template (with instructor feedback)

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About this course

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